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Aeto Botanica-AETO botanica spa, ANTI-AGING CARE FOR YOUR HAIR, inspires the skin and hair to lookits best.
are Botanicals from Brazillian Tribes.

 In the pure world of AETÓ, ancient rituals flawlessly unite with modern scientific innovations to create a flawless balance of botanicals that nourish, protect and rejuvenate the body. AETÓ Botanica Body Collection inspires the skin to look and feel at its youthful best. The scents are calming to the mind and the results are soft and restorative to the skin.

The precious ingredients for the AETÓ Botanica Body Collection are harvested by 185 Brazilian tribes inhabiting the riverside communities in the Amazons. In order for these 2,500 families to sustain their livelihood, we have made a commitment to them to purchase our rare botanical solely from them. This is the AETÓ way of giving back to people who work hard to keep our environment pure and our eco-system undisturbed.


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