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Mason Pearson, London England Hair Brush Unique in quality and design.
ll natural bristle brushes are mad from wild boar.Original Pneumatic Rubber Cushion Hair Brush.

Hairbrushes by Mason Pearson are recognized by discriminating consumers as unique in both design and quality. The distinctive design incorporates, uneven tufts of boar bristle or boar bristle and nylon mixture set in a pneumatic rubber pad that enables each individual tuft to penetrate through to the scalp. Mason Pearsons ingenious brush construction achieves the desired type of scalp stimulation by adjusting automatically to the contour of the scalp without irritation. Equally important is the quality of the bristles. Mason Pearson uses only the finest quality natural bristle from the wild boar - preferably from the colder climates, where boar bristle grows heavy and strong for protection. Animals are not harmed in the collection of bristle. In addition to the all-natural boar bristle, Mason Pearson offers a mixed bristle version. These contain a nylon strand in each tuft of pure boar bristle to afford better penetration to the scalp. The durable nylon strand, with specially rounded ends, is longer than the boar bristle and serves primarily to massage and stimulate the scalp, bringing out the natural oils.The company also offers a white all-nylon Detangler designed to gently brush out the hair after shampooing. Mason Pearsons bristle is just right. If the bristle is too soft, it cannot penetrate to the scalp completely. If the bristle is too hard, it can cause inflammation and soreness of the scalp. Customers quickly discover that a Mason Pearson brush feels terrific and performs beautifully. Pearson High Quality Hair Brushes,


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