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Denman Classic Styling Brushes from United Kingdom

Denman - The Brand
The first Denman hairbrush was designed and patented in 1938 by Jack Denman Dean. Marketed then as an easy-to-clean, rubber cushion hairbrush, the seven-row D3 remains the cornerstone of the range to this day despite a wealth of new and equally innovative Denman designs.

The Denman collection has been endorsed by the world's foremost hair designers for more than half a century. During this time the brand has developed an unrivaled reputation for exceptional standards of quality, performance and durability. Denman uses the finest materials and components in the evolution of a portfolio of professional products each of which guarantees outstanding results in the demanding environment of the professional salon or at home.

Innovation and Design Excellence
The original Denman brush developed from the inspired concept of a hairbrush which could be easily dismantled for thorough cleaning. Today, each of Denman's professional brushes can withstand the rigors of heat, chemicals and sterilizing agents and is individually packaged, offering an additional guarantee of hygiene.

Major capital investment in computer-aided design facilities and new machinery has further enhanced the original design and manufacturing capabilities ensuring that Denman will remain the preferred choice of discerning stylists and consumers throughout the world.


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