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Phuse Hair Care
Restore health and shine to dry, chemically treated hair!

pHuse contains the perfect blend of ingredients to bring dry, damaged hair back to life. This revolutionary formula inpHuses multi-fruit acid, protein, moisture and vital nutrients, to bring back remarkable body and shine to any chemically treated hair. Simply add as directed to your conditioner. The results are incredible!

Anyones hair can become very dry and damaged by mere exposure to environmental elements like sun, salt water, and chlorine. Moreover, hair which has been "e;chemically treated"e; for color, bleaching, perming, or straightening is severly effected by the chemical process.

Renowned and respected stylist and colorist, Chug Kellum, in conjunction with Integrated Research Labs, has developed this innovative and unique product. For the first time, a product is actually able to constrict the hair during the everyday process of conditioning thereby infusing the necessary ingredients to restore optimum pH to chemically treated hair.

pHuse is a "e;power additive"e; that you combine with your conditioner when applying to the hair. By adding pHuse to your conditioner, you can restore proper pH and bring damaged hair back to a normal, healthy state.


pHuse strengthens, restores and repairs all hair types by constricting the hair fiber. The more damaged the hair, the more dramatic the effect.

Compare a strand of hair to a strand of rope. A healthy strand is tight and strong. When affected by natural elements such as sun exposure, or chemical services such as coloring or perming, the hair strand is weakened, and becomes unraveled. This is because the pH of the hair strand has been raised to an unnatural, unhealthy level.

While most hair conditioners have been developed to contain nutrients that coat the hair, the effect may be superficial and short-lived because the conditioner is treating only the OUTSIDE of the hair strand.

The pHuse multi-fruit acid complex, when applied with the conditioner, actively strengthens the hair fiber, thereby locking in nutrients and restoring health, body and shine.


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