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Magic Focus Mirrors.Magic Focus, 5X,6X,7X MAGNIFICATION, distortion free mirrors


irrors with 5X, 6X, 7X, even 8X magnification?

Its so confusing…

ut did you know that these numbers are just labels?

here are many mirrors on the market that claim to be 5X, 6X, 7X, or even more. but did you know that these numbers are just labels, not scientific measurements! A mirror company can call their mirrors any number of  Xs they want, but these numbers really have no meaning.

agic Focus, Inc. was the first company to call a mirror 5X over 30 years ago. When we started manufacturing our big eyes® mirrors in 1971, they were so much stronger than any other mirror on the market, we called them 5X to let the public know that our mirrors were different. We wanted people to know that they can see in this mirror without their eyeglasses, because our mirror focuses to each individual users visual needs, providing a strong, optically correct, distortion-free image. Our mirrors are perfect for applying makeup, inserting contact lenses, or doing detail grooming, something not possible with other mirrors.

ver the years, other mirrors have come onto the market, which are labeled 5X, 6X, 7X or more. But people who have tried those mirrors tell us that they are not as strong or distortion-free as Magic Focus mirrors, regardless of the number of Xs those mirrors claim to be, and that they just do not provide a sharp, clear image like Magic Focus mirrors do.


he Magic Focus mirror is distortion-free, 5X magnification and is the strongest, most optically correct mirror on the market. It will allow you to see, in detail, whether you wear glasses or not, better than you ever thought possible. use this mirror, it must be focused. Hold it one inch from your eye and slowly pull it away until your particular focus is achieved. (This is five to seven inches for most people.) Everything should be completely clear when you have it in close focus. If pulled away too fast, or too far, you have missed the focus. Basically, that is it. The mirror must be put up to the eye and slowly pulled away.using false eyelashes, eye makeup, inserting contact lenses, detailed eye grooming, stray facial hairs, ingrown hairs, observing acne, etc. are now problems of the past.


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